Composting at Home

Compost Containers

You can make compost in many different types of containers.  You can buy specially designed bins – with or without air holes โ€“ from your local hardware store.  You can also make a compost enclosure from timber, bricks, chicken wire or a metal drum. 

You can also make compost in open heaps, but you need to cover the pile with hessian or a plastic sheet to stop it from drying out in hot weather.

Compost Materials

You can add most organic material to your compost heap, but try not to put in meat or dairy products, fat, bones, sugary foods, weeds, diseased plants, or animal manure.  Always wash your hands after handling compost, or wear gloves.

Other Composting Ideas

If you don’t have the space or materials for a compost heap, don’t worry โ€“ there are still ways that you can re-use your organic waste to help the environment. You could bury your kitchen scraps in holes in the garden, or even just spread a layer of organic waste right on top of the soil.

Your local authority may have a community composting programme, where you can take your organic waste to be made into compost. Some councils may also come and collect your garden waste to be made into mulch for gardens. Contact your local authority for help and advice.

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