Reduce Packaging at Home

How Do We Reduce Packaging?

Packaging stops goods from going to waste, but it also ends up as waste itself. We need to try to reduce the amount of packaging we throw away by:

  1. Looking for packaging that is made from recycled materials.
    This way, you know that the packaging was made using the least amount of natural resources and energy possible.
  2. Looking for packaging that can be recycled.
    This way, you can continue the recycling loop.
  3. Choosing products carefully and make sure that things are packaged in the way that best suits how we are going to use them. This way, we don’t use more packaging than necessary.

Projects for Kids

For kids wanting to learn more about reducing packaging at home, try some of the ideas below.

  • Look around your kitchen to find some packaged products. What types of packaging are used most? Why do you think so many different kinds of packaging are used?
  • Design a label for the packaging of a new product. Remember to include information about the contents, quantity, ingredients and any other important details – make it attractive, so people will want to buy it!
  • Packaging is becoming lighter and lighter as people develop new ways to make stronger containers with less materials. Collect some different packages and weigh them on a set of kitchen scales. Why do some types of packaging have to be heavier than others?
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