What do we use Textiles for?

Textiles include all kinds of clothing and shoes – in fact anything that you can wear! Useful items of clothing are often thrown away because they are no longer fashionable or the right size, or they are torn or damaged. Instead of just sending them to landfill, these textiles can be given a second life through recycling.

Recycled Textiles Are Sorted Into 3 Grades

Textiles are sorted into different grades and then recycled in the following ways:


Good quality clothing and shoes are sorted for reuse by charities in the UK and for use in other, poorer countries. Small charges are made for these clothes, so that jobs are created and people both at home and abroad receive clothing that they can afford.


If garments are ripped or worn, they can be cut into squares and used as industrial wipers.


Some fibres, such as pure wool, can be pulled apart, dyed, and spun into new garments. These fibres can also be compressed for use as sound insulation panels, mattress fillings and upholstery padding.

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