What is Composting?

Composting is a way of re-using kitchen and garden waste – called organic waste. Organic waste makes up nearly half of all the rubbish we throw away. Over time, it naturally breaks down into compost, which is rich in nutrients – and great for the garden!

There are two different types of composting:

Aerobic – using air
Anaerobic – without air

Aerobic Composting

Aerobic means “with air”. When you build a compost heap using Aerobic composting, you turn the organic materials regularly, to let air into them. Tiny organisms help to break down the compost – and they need oxygen to survive. This type of composting produces a lot of heat, and happens quite quickly – thanks to the munching organisms!

Anaerobic Composting

Anaerobic means “without air”. This type of composting is done using sealed containers, and doesn’t use oxygen. It usually takes much longer to work, and doesn’t generate much heat. It can also get a bit smelly!

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