Making a Wormery at Home

Things You Will Need

You can make worm bins in many different types of containers. You can buy specially designed bins or you can make one from a bucket or large plastic container.


Remember you can’t use ordinary earthworms so you’ll need to buy special compost worms. Call your local council to see if they are available in your area.

Once you have started your own worm bin you’ll soon have lots of new worms to make more wormeries. Share them amongst your friends so that they can start recycling their kitchen scraps too.

Worm Food

The idea is to feed your worms all kinds of scraps from your kitchen instead of throwing them away. It’s best not to give them meat, dairy products, fat, bones, orange peel, lemon peel, onion or garlic. Remember to always wash your hands after handling your worms or wear gloves.

The Steps to Create a Wormery at Home

  1. Find a container for your worms. A plastic bucket, a wooden box, or a special worm bin bought from a shop all work well. Line the container with a few sheets of newspaper.
  2. Half fill the container with bedding. It’s best to use some well-rotted compost, but scrunched up damp newspaper and some dirt will also work.
  3. Water the bedding, then add the compost worms and cover the box with a layer of hessian.
  4. Now you’re ready to feed your worms. Put in all your fruit and vegetable scraps, but don’t put in fat, oil or meat scraps. Worms don’t really like orange peel, lemon peel, onion or garlic either. Add water now and then if your worm bin is getting too dry.
  5. After about six months you’ll probably have too many worms for your bin. Empty half of the mix onto the garden, or split it into two and make a second worm bin.
  6. You can also separate the worms from the castings. Divide the mix into small piles on a big sheet of plastic. The worms will move downwards, away from the light. Scoop off the top layers from each pile, which have no worms in them – and put this onto the garden. Use the bottom layers of the piles to start a new worm bin.
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